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Overview of Unemployment Claims Process

  • Your employment is terminated by your employer
  • You file an Unemployment claim
  • If you meet basic eligibility guidelines, the claim is sent to the employer for their response
  • Your previous employer responds to the claim in one of two ways:
    • If the employer agrees that you are entitled to Unemployment Compensation, they will sign off on it and you will begin receiving your money
    • If the employer believes that you ARE NOT entitled to Unemployment Compensation, they can contest your claim
  • If the employer contests your claim, you will need to go to an Unemployment Hearing, where the judge will determine if you are eligible
  • Common reasons why people are declared ineligible for Unemployment Compensation:
    • The employee quit rather than being terminated (though sometimes it is possible to show that you were forced to quit)
    • The employee was terminated for violating company policy (for example, violating a No Violence policy by assaulting a coworker)
    • The employee was terminated for "gross misconduct" (for example, stealing money from the company).

For more information on Unemployment Compensation in Minnesota, go to http://www.uimn.org/ui/.

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